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Here it is. 50 Shades of Grey. The movie is coming out and looks amusing although i really think its going to be an awkward movie to watch in a cinema. Dont take your mum.

The book. Well in the erotic romance community its seen as a bit of an annoyance. On one hand it has brought a lot of attention to the genra. On the other hand, its not an erotic romance…Even the author has said this, she commented in an interview that its not erotic and it was her publisher who marketed it as one. I think if people have never read an erotic that they could think that yes it was one but really its just a hot romance. Thirdly, the actual writing, its terrible. I couldn’t believe it had even been published. Even just reading the first page i was astounded at how many basic errors she made. It was hard to read and those of my friends who have read it agreed that it was hard to read and they had to make themselves finish it.


But you know what, i am happy for the author at her success. No author can say less. Its a dream we all have for out work to go viral and i wish her all the best. Will i read the book again, no. Will i see the movie, yes, alone, at home on DVD. As my friend Danielle Lisle said, this may be a case of the movie being better than the book for once.


Oldie but a goodie – The Millionaire’s Convenient Bride


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I’m re visiting one of my back list books. I really loved this one as it spoke to a fantasy i have always had. The poor girl grows up with the rich boy. They grow into adulthood and secretly harbor a crush on each other but it could never go anywhere because, hey, they grew up together. That would be weird, right?

It’s got everything, damsel in distress, log cabin in the snow, big city lights. Le sigh.

I have never liked a weak heroine. The type where she relies on the hero to do everything for her. But I think Louisa embodies a strong person. Even though her life is crashing down around her she is still reluctant to accept any of his help. She built her company and if its going down then she will go down with it. Unfortunately Dominic is just as hot headed and knows exactly how to persuade her, logic. Damn him lol Its business he claims, not personal, it helps him as much as her.

But you know what, there is a secondary character in this book who i really loved as much as the mains. I often do that. My secondary characters often take on the sassy personalities that really expose the main characters as sappy fools. We have all been that person on the out side looking in who can see exactly what is going on and don’t you just want to shout it at them, GET TOGETHER ALL READY! I mean honestly, everyone can see it but them, but isnt that what makes a great romance?


Take a look – buy it now

Blood Fate


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Sorry for being MIA lately but i have been on maternity leave and i felt that included writing too. But I’m BACK! And i feel better than ever. So here it is, my new release. Isn’t the cover sexy it really is one of my favourites.

guy kissing his girlfriend against a wall at home

Dark spirits are haunting the town and dark must meet with light to balance the night. Once given a goddess’s love can never be taken back and forever may be her last breath.

Buy it now! for just $1.99 Great for some sexy summer reading.

Guest blogger – Willsin Rowe talking about his two new releases!


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His every touch an imprint, His every word a potent command. To become His—both body and soul—is not to be owned. It is to be truly accepted. To belong. Only a precious few know the ecstasy of giving themselves over to the ultimate Dom.


Ten bestselling domination and submission romance authors. Nine sensual novelettes of seduction and submission in one collection. The Master of Desire awaits.


Stealing Aubrey by Candy Quinn – He needs to have her, to possess her. Just barely into adulthood, the beautiful young woman is screaming for him to take her, utterly. With his new wealth, he plans to do just that.


As He Bids by Olivia Rigal – Applying for a summer internship at an upscale auction house just because she has a mad crush on one of the bosses, may be Career Fail 101 for Hannah.


Please, Maestro by Penelope L’Amoreaux – Once a promising cellist, Avery lost her hearing and her dreams until her conductor offers to teach her to play again. Can she withstand his harsh lessons or will she be undermined by her own desires?


Anything He Requires by Michelle Fox – She thinks it’s just another job when wealthy businessman Jacob Daniels hires her to train his willful puppy, but the way he crushes her lips when they kiss says otherwise. Daniels has set his sights on dominating her, undertaking an irresistible seduction that leaves Jessica willing to do anything he requires.


Becoming Jane by Jordan Bell – Avery doesn’t want the life her family insists on. She wants Oliver, the mysterious Dom she’s never met but who knows her heart. He can’t give her forever, but when she asks, he gives her one night.


Master/Mistress by Hildred Billings – Two women, one exploring her true gender in the bedroom and the other an overworked businesswoman in the need of escape, embrace a domme/sub relationship under the darkness of Tokyo’s hot nights.


Submission Therapy by Katie Salidas and Willsin Rowe – Billionaire Natasha Blakely is a control freak, fraying at the edges. When her therapist prescribes Submission Therapy she reluctantly agrees. Will she learn the sublime ecstasy of true submission?


The Master’s Exploits: Night Two by Jessi Bond – Dalton Alexander: alpha male, experienced dominant, alluring Master. He wants to turn his memoirs into erotic BDSM fiction, and ghostwriter Grace Reynolds is just the woman for the job.


Unwritten Submission by Elsa Day – Amy has managed to sneak into the most secretive club in town. The story would save her journalism job, but her plans change when she meets J. He wants to be her new Dom. But will Amy submit?





by Katie Salidas & Willsin Rowe


The Consummate Therapy series flips Fifty Shades on its head, with a despotic female billionaire learning the value – and art – of true submission at the hands of a hot but steely Dom. Follow Natasha’s journey as she walks a fine line between what she thinks she wants…and what her Master knows she truly needs.

With rave reviews, and a 4.6 Star average (across the series), people from all over are falling in love with Natasha and her Master.

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As we grow


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I have decided to take a chance and write a different kind of novel. A full length one for a change.A Cookbook Conspiracy I have just embarked on a years leave from work and although this will be by no means a relaxing time I will spend much of it at home in front of a laptop. Im pretty excited about it! I have just ordered a heap of books to keep me occupied, each in a genra I wouldn’t normally read. I have always wanted to read Cate Carlisle Bibliophile series so I picked two to start me off, then I took a chance on a new comer. Its terrible but I cant remember the name of that one…whoops. Im hoping they will help spark my love of writing again so that I can get this new book written and published. My aim is for the end of the year. Its ambitious but I think you need a good goal. 


Would you like a sneak peak at what im writing. Heres a hint 😉

What do you get when you cross a lingere empire with a sleepy seaside town?


Image from my fave site Hips and Curves




Flight of the Hunted!


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ImageIts alive! I mean live lol Flight of the Hunted has just gone live. Here.

Never judge a bird by his feathers.

As a hunter of paranormal creatures, Clora has encountered many kinds of shapeshifters, but Kale is like nothing she has ever come across before. He’s a crow shifter and is convinced that she is supposed to be his mate—something which she finds both terrifying and exciting.

However, Kale’s flock disapproves of his plan to mate with a human, and when they intervene, kidnapping him, Clora is left to wonder if he’s worth hunting across the country, and if it’s worth risking her life for a future they may never have.


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Guest Blogger – Melissa Hosack


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To celebrate the upcoming holiday, I would like to share a top ten list of my favorite things about Christmas. Look at my list and compare it with your own. Let me know what you feel I’ve left off! One lucky commenter who shares their holiday favorite will win an ebook copy of Saving Santa, my Christmas release through Evernight Publishing. So…enjoy! And Merry Christmas!

  1. Watching my son open his Christmas gifts – My son Marshall is newly four. This year is going to be the year to beat all others thus far. He has gotten very into the spirit of Christmas and cannot wait! He is constantly asking me, “Can we wrap gifts? Can we wrap gifts?” He feels so privileged to be in on the secret of what his uncles and grandparents are getting. He is going to make this year unbelievably fun.
  2. Holiday Specials – Nothing puts me in the Christmas spirit like watching the classics. Rudolph, Frosty, the Grinch. These were magical as a child and still give me that flutter of excitement in my chest.
  3. Cookies! – Need I say more?
  4. Online shopping – I just love shopping online for Christmas gifts. It makes things easy, fun, and convenient. The past few years, I’ve helped my father do all his shopping online, and it’s an enjoyable time for us. We’ll get lunch then hunker down for some hardcore shopping!
  5. Christmas Songs – These have close to the same effect as watching the television specials. They’ve been especially fun this year, because they get my son all amped up and ready. Though his mom might not be the best singer, he delights in listening to me belt out tunes about Santa and snow.
  6. Eating Breakfast In Front of A Lit Tree – This has been a favorite of mine since I was in junior high school. I would get up and eat my breakfast at the table with nothing but the lights from the tree to light the room. It is an amazing experience that really gets the excitement for Christmas burning.
  7. Reading Christmas Stories With My Son – The one time of the year I don’t mind reading the same books over and over and over… The stories are more fun as my son is really starting to comprehend them this year. He’s very concerned about the Grinch coming and stealing our tree. “Why is he so mean?”
  8. Decorating – What could be more fun than pulling out all the Christmas decorations and stringing them about the house?
  9. The Extra Time With My Husband – With the holidays comes a few extra days off for the man of the house. It’s nice to get to spend this time with him. He always takes the day after Christmas off, and we help our son open and test out all his new toys. It’s quality family time.
  10. Giving Gifts – I love giving gifts. It’s a nice way to let those close to you know you appreciate the things they do for you every other day of the year.


Now please, give me some of your favorites as well! 

And if you want a good romantic read to get you into the holiday spirit, here is an excerpt from my Christmas story, Saving Santa.


As I walked further into the room, I gave a squeal of surprised delight as I realized we were trekking through a workshop. Elves sat at long tables, busily crafting toys and painting make-up onto porcelain dolls. They all fell silent as I passed, their eyes lifting from their work as they examined me.

“Holy crap!” I squeaked. “This is it! This is Santa’s workshop! It’s real!” I spun around, taking in the merry atmosphere, the cups of steaming cocoa, the mistletoe in the doorways. It was all real.

Emma was giggling at my awe when suddenly she skidded to a halt, giving a gasp of surprise. “He’s here!”

Bernie’s eyebrows shot up expressively, yet he remained silent.

“Who’s here?” I spun to face the direction Emma was looking just in time to see a man turn to face me as well. My heart stopped in my chest, and it took every ounce of self-control to keep from slipping to the floor because my legs had turned to jelly.

Across the room stood the most drop dead gorgeous man I’d ever seen in my life. After a quick perusal, I started at his head and slowly worked my way down.

He had short blond hair, which he wore in spiked points. Jade green eyes complimented a handsome face whose light blond five o’clock shadow did nothing to hide dimples that had my knees trembling.

He wore a black t-shirt so tight I could see the outline of each abdomen muscle as he moved. A pair of faded jeans and black high-tops rounded off an outfit that in no way belonged in Santa’s workshop. “Who’s he?” I asked in wonder.

Emma didn’t get a chance to answer before the man was moving toward us at a brisk pace. It was impossible to ignore the displeased expression that dominated his face or the glare of his green eyes. “Emma!” he boomed in warning.

“Your mother thought it was a wise idea,” the little elf started, but he interrupted her.

“This is none of my mother’s business.” He turned to me with a look of disgust. “You aren’t welcome here. Get back on that jet and go back to whatever hell you came from.”

I took a subconscious step back at the man’s hostility and blinked up at him in shock. He was a good six foot four, handsome, and rude as can be. “I…I…”

“Don’t be mean to Cara,” Emma defended with a glare of her own. “Give her a chance. I have a feeling the two of you will get along swimmingly.”

“Who told you that?” the man asked with a snort, “Cupid?”

“As a matter of fact—”

“Tell Cupid to mind his own damn business. I don’t need a Mrs. Claus. I am running this place just fine on my own. Requiring a Mrs. Claus is an outdated tradition, and you all know it.”

His words drew a gasp from my throat. “Wait. You’re Chris?”

His fiery gaze swept back to me. “Yes. Chris. Chris Kringle. Laugh, and I’ll toss you out in the snow and lock the doors.” He returned his anger to Emma. “Get rid of her. I want her out of my home before dinner tonight.”

Taking offense at the massive attitude I was receiving from Santa Claus, I snapped, “I’m not a dog.”

“No,” he said scornfully. “You’re a woman who would drop her entire life to marry a man she doesn’t know for a chance at immortality. If you think I’d marry someone that shallow, you’re an idiot.”

Those angry eyes swept back to Emma. “Get rid of her. Now.” With that, he turned his back and strode away.

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Taming the Hunted Release day!


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Taming the Hunted is now available for you to get your hot little hands on. This is a book that i have loved writing and have been super excited to get out into the world. It actually was born several years ago. It went through a few transformations, got shortened, lengthened, edited, edited and edited some more before it found its home with BeachWalk Press. I was tempted there at one point to self publish it but i love it so much that i felt a publisher would be able to get it out to a bigger audience. And im glad i waited!

Taming the Hunted follows Marian who is a hunter of anything that goes bump in the night. She gets in a bit of a jam and has to be rescued but the handsome Gabriel. Unfortunatley it looks like he may not be her knight in shining armour when he takes her back to his place where she is stuck until the sun rises, or longer…

This story has it all, werewolves, vampires werecats. But i never wanted it to be run of the mill. All of these things have been done again and again and i wanted mine to be different. So although this is a paranormal i also think it can be considered a funny contemporary.

This book is also my first go at a series so yes the sequel, Flight of the Hunted is in production and i hope to get it released in 2014.

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I also have a few blog hops coming up to help promote it so you can find me at:

19th Imogine Nix – http://imogenenix.blogspot.com.au/ 

 21st Pepper Anthony – http://www.pepperanthony.com/ 

22nd Velvet Fletcher –  

23rd – Phoenix Johnson – http://www.naughtypagesofphoenix.blogspot.com.au/?zx=32be767e2d77ff5f

29th The Romance Reviews Party – http://www.theromancereviews.com/event.php 

December 2-13th : Tasty Book Tour http://tastybooktours.blogspot.com.au/2013/10/now-booking-tasty-blurb-tour-for-taming.html


RIP Laptop


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At 8:30pm Sunday night my laptop had a fatal error. On Monday i got a new one, and it had a fault. Monday afternoon i swapped it for another one and you know what, i hate it. Its too small and too slow. I called the store i got it from and they said they will trade it for me. So im going in tomorrow and hopefully i get the same story. But the biggest drama is i thought i would be all set to get my files on the new one. I not only back up via email and an external harddrive but i also use drop box. So i loaded drop box onto my new one (before i decide not to keep it) and…there were no files!! This is alarming to say the least. For some reason despite me checking they were on there over the last year or so, i now have no back up! So i grabbed the external HD and it has one folder, my writing one. But its an old copy from earlier in the year before i had three books published. So in desperation i went to the email copy of these files. I plugged the external into the work computer and…it crashed! So it looks like what ever happened to my laptop spread to my external so it will need to be whipped or thrown out.

This is stressful. Because it means that i now have to take my old laptop to the computer fixers and pay them to retrieve my data. If they can thats fine (several hundred $$ later) if not i have lost my photos (some are on facebook thank goodness) and i have no idea what writing files i have lost. My most recent stories are on my work computer where they will stay until i get all this worked out but I dont know what files i will be missing until i need them i guess.

Just goes to show it doesnt matter how well you back up, sometimes fate intervenes and you lose it all. Thankfully my five completed stories were emailed before this all happened so i can get the files back off my publishers.

I will rebuild!