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At 8:30pm Sunday night my laptop had a fatal error. On Monday i got a new one, and it had a fault. Monday afternoon i swapped it for another one and you know what, i hate it. Its too small and too slow. I called the store i got it from and they said they will trade it for me. So im going in tomorrow and hopefully i get the same story. But the biggest drama is i thought i would be all set to get my files on the new one. I not only back up via email and an external harddrive but i also use drop box. So i loaded drop box onto my new one (before i decide not to keep it) and…there were no files!! This is alarming to say the least. For some reason despite me checking they were on there over the last year or so, i now have no back up! So i grabbed the external HD and it has one folder, my writing one. But its an old copy from earlier in the year before i had three books published. So in desperation i went to the email copy of these files. I plugged the external into the work computer and…it crashed! So it looks like what ever happened to my laptop spread to my external so it will need to be whipped or thrown out.

This is stressful. Because it means that i now have to take my old laptop to the computer fixers and pay them to retrieve my data. If they can thats fine (several hundred $$ later) if not i have lost my photos (some are on facebook thank goodness) and i have no idea what writing files i have lost. My most recent stories are on my work computer where they will stay until i get all this worked out but I dont know what files i will be missing until i need them i guess.

Just goes to show it doesnt matter how well you back up, sometimes fate intervenes and you lose it all. Thankfully my five completed stories were emailed before this all happened so i can get the files back off my publishers.

I will rebuild!