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Here it is. 50 Shades of Grey. The movie is coming out and looks amusing although i really think its going to be an awkward movie to watch in a cinema. Dont take your mum.

The book. Well in the erotic romance community its seen as a bit of an annoyance. On one hand it has brought a lot of attention to the genra. On the other hand, its not an erotic romance…Even the author has said this, she commented in an interview that its not erotic and it was her publisher who marketed it as one. I think if people have never read an erotic that they could think that yes it was one but really its just a hot romance. Thirdly, the actual writing, its terrible. I couldn’t believe it had even been published. Even just reading the first page i was astounded at how many basic errors she made. It was hard to read and those of my friends who have read it agreed that it was hard to read and they had to make themselves finish it.


But you know what, i am happy for the author at her success. No author can say less. Its a dream we all have for out work to go viral and i wish her all the best. Will i read the book again, no. Will i see the movie, yes, alone, at home on DVD. As my friend Danielle Lisle said, this may be a case of the movie being better than the book for once.