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I’m re visiting one of my back list books. I really loved this one as it spoke to a fantasy i have always had. The poor girl grows up with the rich boy. They grow into adulthood and secretly harbor a crush on each other but it could never go anywhere because, hey, they grew up together. That would be weird, right?

It’s got everything, damsel in distress, log cabin in the snow, big city lights. Le sigh.

I have never liked a weak heroine. The type where she relies on the hero to do everything for her. But I think Louisa embodies a strong person. Even though her life is crashing down around her she is still reluctant to accept any of his help. She built her company and if its going down then she will go down with it. Unfortunately Dominic is just as hot headed and knows exactly how to persuade her, logic. Damn him lol Its business he claims, not personal, it helps him as much as her.

But you know what, there is a secondary character in this book who i really loved as much as the mains. I often do that. My secondary characters often take on the sassy personalities that really expose the main characters as sappy fools. We have all been that person on the out side looking in who can see exactly what is going on and don’t you just want to shout it at them, GET TOGETHER ALL READY! I mean honestly, everyone can see it but them, but isnt that what makes a great romance?


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