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Have you ever read reviews before a book? I have Battle Magic by Tamora Pierce in the mail and decided to see if it would live up to my dream. The reviews were mixed with most of the low scores being that they didnt find it lined up with the book that follows it. The curse of the prequel i guess. But they also raised an issue that bugs me. They commented that it was too dark for them because a kid gets tortured. This was raised with the Hunger Games too. Why is it that its ok for an adult to kill an adult but when its a kid killing a kid its too dark?? Death is death people. Plus its fiction…We arent actually going to battle children to the death for entertainment. Well at least not that i know of.

Frankly when i was a teenager i had the same concerns and morals as i do now. If i had killed someone as a kid it would be for the same reason i would do it now. Being a kid doesnt make crimes any less or greater than being an adult. Now if you tell me it was a three year old thats different. The same with torture, if a kid knows some information how is it different to an adult being tortured? Its still a horrible act no matter what the age but frankly this isnt real life, its a book, its made up, its not real, no one is actually being tortured. The same with movies, its a movie! Its not real life, yes they can torture and kill people and its bad but you have to remember, its a movie so get off your high horse and if you dont want to see it, dont watch the movie!

So frankly if thats peoples only hang up about this book then im keen to read it. Anyone else have a pet peeve?