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We had a great friend offer up her holiday house as a writers retreat. I managed to get away for a few days you loved the experience. Sadly a lot of people dropped out but we had a good group. We got little writing done but did get a few conversations going about out industry. It was great to be able to talk to others about my writing as my family and friends dont really understand the ins and outs of the Publishing industry. 

One retreater has not yet been published and another is an old hand at it. With me in the middle I gained a lot of information on who are the big publishers and what marketing works. 

A big point that came up was Conferences. Sadly in  Australia our conference is quite small and we struggled to be inspired by the courses available. The networking is great fun as is the atmosphere. But for the cost of flights, accommodation and the conference itself, we cant justify it more than once every few years. One retreater often goes to the american conferences and she said that there are thousands of people, readers and authors alike. People line up for autographs and big names sit on panels. Why doesn’t this happen in Australia, numbers. Our population just isn’t big enough to get the numbers through the door.

The other thing we discussed is professionalism. Just because a lot of us are self published does not mean we can chuck any old thing up on the net. We have to hire editors, cover artists, marketing. We have to take on the job of the publisher. Sadly a lot of people don’t realise this and it is giving selfpub a bad name. All we can do is hope i guess 🙂