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I recently found a whole heap of reviews while googling myself (as you do). I was quite surprised by the comments in them. Some authors wont read reviews and others will reply to them. I like to sit halfway and read them but not reply. After all people are entitled to their opinion. What surprised me were some of the comments that just didn’t make sense. The main complaint was that it was too short. Well you can see the word count before you buy it so I’m not sure why this would surprise them??? I asked some friends if they thought i should make it longer and was told by one that she got the same comment on an 80k story she wrote…

I also got a long list of odd comments in reviews that i thought i would share:

“I hated this book because it was erotica…” The category was erotica

“There is too much sex in your book” Again the category was erotic

“The alpha male is arrogant” well yeah he is an alpha male

“I normally don’t read romance because of the gratuitous sex but yours was okay.” It was an erotic.

“I wouldn’t call this a novel, it was more of a short story.” Category: short story. 

“Wasnt worth my money” Its free

“Contained witch craft, i wont be allowing my children to read it and it should come with a disclaimer.” It was Harry Potter