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A lot of people when they hear that i am an author ask me how to cure writers block. This is always a question I’m interested in answering myself. Some friends tell me that there is no such thing, which is kind of true as it is a mental condition so if you apply mind over matter then no it doesn’t exist. However, I believe that it is true but that there is always a reason for it. Here is what i have found helps so far.Image

1. You have been a hermit and have run out of imagination. Authors need to experience new things to include them in their books. So get up from the computer and see a movie, read a book or go on a short weekend away. Get some new material. 

2. You have made your characters do something that they didn’t want to do. This is a big one. If your character is madly in love with the hero but then you have her cheat on him this is out of character and yes you will be stuck because you have just changed your character completely. Go back and find where you stuffed up and re write it. Or get someone else to read it and identify where you went astray.

3. Your writing is so boring it even bores you. This has happened far too often. Nothing has happened in my story for a few pages and i get bored writing it so my brain stops working. You can either go back and throw a spanner in the works or do as i like to do and write a scene that is totally crazy (you can delete it later) where something crazy happens. I once wrote that a rhino charged into the classroom and went from there. Cured the block (i obviously deleted it later) so i could think of something more believable to happen to move the story along. Something has to happen every chapter. If nothing happened in the last chapter you wrote that can be included in a synopsis then its wasted space and you need to re do it.  

Hope this helps. And just remember, you actually have to write to get past writers block.