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I have spoken a lot about marketing in this blog because i truly believe that it is 50% content, 50% marketing that sells a book. People aren’t going to buy it if they don’t know it exists.

I have two new books out. One came out last week and the other will be out in a few weeks. Surprisingly i have more marketing ideas for the second one than the first. Why? The second one is a YA. Young people are so much easier to target! They love collecting things and displaying things that will make others want them too. So for it i have ordered some buttons that i designed myself.

To get them they can either pick them up from one of the many places I’m delivering them to or they can give me reviews on my website. I only ordered 10 of each and already have several people interested in snapping them up. I foresee a second print run in the future. 

The book that was released last week is proving more difficult. Adults don’t tend to collect things. They usually don’t display them either unless you get something really cool that you want to show off. To make things harder the Romance or Erotic genra is generally not something people own up to reading. I don’t like the idea of pens or bookmarks because sure people will keep them but will they ever actually look up the name on them? I have a pen that i have used for two years now and have not once looked up the author on it, i cant even remember her name yet i use the pen daily. So we are halfway there, i have kept the promotional material. But now i have to think to the next step, actually making the reader look me up.

I thought of temp tattoos but they are really costly (min print 1000 for about $300). One idea i had was door hangers. I worked out a really catchy design but when i went to buy them I realised they wont ship to Australia. Fail. The only companies i can find who do ship to Aus charge 4x as much and i cant justify spending that much until i start getting more income from the books.  I love the idea of doing a give away but i don’t get enough traffic to get a real flood of entries. There is no point in spending $50 on a giveaway unless you think you will get $50 worth of sales out of it. 

I have been trolling different blogs and marketing sites trying to find original, cost right material, even if i only order 3-5 of them. No luck. When i ask other authors what they do its normally pens or postcards. Hmmmm. Some more thought needs to go into this i think. I want to find the perfect marketing material. 

Have you ever received something you were really excited about?