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So i have never done a blog tour. I have blogged for other people before but never en mass. To add to the confusion i have 3 books coming out so that’s 3 tours to organise! I have found two sites that will do YA and two paid sites for my romance. But how many is enough? Ideally i want one a day, i really want to get out there!

My biggest issue right now is that i have release months but no dates for all of them. No cover art either. Its making it hard to ask people ‘ hey i have a book coming out, don’t know when and i have no links or cover art, how about it?’ not really working hey lol

I have written to one of my publishers and asked for a date because its coming out next month! That’s two weeks away and i haven’t heard a peep about it. My Ya is out next month too and its in the same boat. I don’t want to be a pest to my publisher and ask them too many questions but a release date is a good place to start i think šŸ™‚ A friend with the same publisher said that she didn’t get her cover art until about a week before it was released so I’m not too concerned that they have forgotten me just yet. My biggest issue is that I’m away as of Saturday for about 10 days so i can’t answer emails or do edits if they send them and with my release so soon I’m expecting edits to pop up any day now. Maybe…