What would you do if you won the lotto? This is a question my new heroine has to decide. She quit her job (spectacularly) and went on an immediate holiday. But when she got there she realised that she had no idea what to do with her life. She was set financially but her old life plan was the same as most peoples, work to pay the rent and hope to one day get ahead in life. Now that she could do what ever she wants, where ever she wants suddenly her life lacks direction, not to mention her family is demanding more money.Image

Que the hero. I love writing these two. He comes across as cranky and arrogant. She is young and just wants to laze around all day. Together i think they will find direction, if they stop long enough to actually get to know one another.

Writing this story has me thinking about what i would do if i was set for life financially. You always plan for small wins, what you would do with $200,000 or a million dollars. But what if you won $30million like my heroine. Here is my list so far.

1. pay off mortgages of family.

2. Buy an investment property or two to get income.

3. Rent until i decide where i want to live.


5. Holiday to where ever i want for a few months.

6. Charity: maybe buy a small village 😛

Believe it or not I would not quit my job straight away. A friend won a small amount in lotto and said it takes about a month for the money to come through. I have no savings so i would keep working until i was sure that money is safely in my account and I had backup options like my investment properties to bring in more money.

What about you? Would you quit your job? How much would you give to family and friends?