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A few interesting points for today. First is that I’m now taking the same meds as my 50-60yr old work colleagues, that’s not good when I’m still in my 20’s. 

The second is the topic of hero ages. The average age of a hero in my books is 30-40yrs old. My heroines are normally 25-33. Why so different? No idea. I think it stems from the fact that a hero should be alpha and there for know more and be dominant. Like a father figure. But does that stand that he has to be older too? I know that when people have read older stories i have written they’ve questioned why the heroine is so young when i wrote her as 22. Young? Sure i guess that’s only a few years out of teens but that’s when the passion sets in. You start looking for a guy to sweep you off your feet. At 30 (I’m nearly there) you  start looking for Mr sensible who you can settle down with. Which one do I want to write about? 

Then we have my third topic. My age. I have often felt that i have been dismissed over my age. I was told flat out in a job interview that i was too young despite my experience and they didn’t think i would fit in (i was 25). But in my writing career I’m often surprised to find out my fave authors ages. I feel like when i see an older author their work should be solid and gritty. Younger writers tend to be adventurous and imaginative. Really? Such a generalization can be harmful to our image. JK Rowling didn’t use her full name because her publisher thought that boys wouldn’t read her work if they knew it was written by a woman. Some of the best selling Romance novels are written by men pretending to be women.  I had a fellow writer say (behind me she didn’t know i could hear her) that she didn’t think i could be very good because what did i know about love at my age…Seriously?!? Do you really think that a 40yr old is going to know more than me. Sure they have had more life experience but that doesn’t mean they got it right. You can find love when you are 18 or 60. And frankly a mystery writer doesn’t have to have experience in murder to write about it. 

What do you think? Does age matter for your hero/heroine or in your own life?

My latest book has a younger man as one of her partners. Check it out and see if you prefer older or younger. 

Bound by the Help