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I forgot my second rant of the day. I want to write an outback story. My last effort i was really happy about, sent the first 25,000words to my crit partner and she came back and said that it was terrible, didn’t sound like me at all and i shouldn’t give up my day job. (thanks Danielle :P) she was right of course, it was boring and didnt go anywhere. I havent attempted it again and that was two years ago. I wrote a short outback for an anthology, 20 entered and 18 were chosen, you guessed it, not mine. Any sane person would assume they cant write outback fiction and give up. But I’m a sucker for a country cover, i want a country cover. Like Fiona’s beautiful ones. ImageMy first option is to self publish the short i wrote for the anthology. I liked it, it just wasn’t in the same league as the other lovely ladies. 

If you want to see what did make it in go here. (the covers are to die for)

Then i can either drag out the one i wrote 2yrs ago and try and fix it. Or i can start from scratch. I need a few more full length novels under by belt so if i go for it it has to hit at least 60k. Gulp.