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I read an article this morning about a couple who were about to loose their house so went and wrote 20 best selling romance novels and self published them and now have heaps of money. I’m interested to understand how they 1) decided this was the best way to earn money and 2) Got so many readers in less than a month to earn over $1000 to pay their mortgage…

For the life of me I can’t find the article now. typical. But apparently they wrote and published over 20 books over six months. Considering it takes the average editor at least a week or two to get a 10k story edited and back to you, this sounds off to me. I suspect that they were already published an just churned out a heap more titles and must have been incredibly good editors themselves. 

Oh found the link

As off as this sounds it does inspire me to stop working and get back to writing lol I have been so busy lately that I have had no time to write. I’m also having trouble with my Amazon royalties so its taking up a bit of space that would normally be spent writing. I have a few stories on the go.

A sequel to, Taming the Hunted, which is out in November.

A sequel to my YA which hasn’t got a publisher yet so I have a bit of time on that.

And a 20k piece for an anthology with some wonderful authors from my Facebook group. Really looking forward to that one, due by October i think so i better get moving on it.