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Have you ever done something or seen something and vowed to change it? That was me this Saturday. I had my fitness test for the Rural Fire Service. I think i passed but i was well outside the required time so they were being nice and let me through.

The test was not hard, I want to emphasize that.

What it required was to WALK 3.2km in 30mins with an 11kg harness on. After the first few meters it was clear i was falling behind (we did it as a group), after a few more meters i was several meters behind everyone. The instructor dropped back to walk with me and try and motivate me to go faster. It was no good, my legs just could not physically move faster than they were. It wasn’t that i couldn’t do it, or was tired, it was just that i cant walk that fast, if i was aloud to jog i might have done better. I ended out finishing around 34minutes according to the guy who finished in front of me and got a time of 32minutes. 


 But frankly i was horrified with myself. I cant walk for 30mins without getting out of breath! I have never ever been this out of shape! Im a big girl, over 100kg. But i have always been relatively fit. I swim and dance and was super fit a few years ago when i was a black belt. 

I am in the RFS so that i can protect people, i cant do that if im this out of shape. So i have vowed to get my butt back to the gym and start running. A few years ago i could run on 12 for 12mins. Im not expecting to get back up to that but i need to run for at least 10 minutes on at least 7km/hr i think. Im not worried about my weight so much as i have always been a chunky girl but i have to build my wind back up.

My team mates lives will depend on me being able to get by butt over a fence and across a field in seconds. The last time i jumped a fence, in training a few weeks ago, i broke my toe. Not acceptable. 

I have to be better, I will be better.