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I may have talked about this before but im a big one for image. I often look at a persons books cover/ website/author photo and think, really? A bit like judging a book by its cover i guess. A few examples. 

Stephanie Meyer. She is a hugely successful author and has had successful movies from her books. I can assume she is quite wealthy. So why does she have a website that looks like it was made using a basic wordpress template…Can she not afford a web designer for $400? 


Rick Riordan. His website was voted one of the best author pages in 2012. I can see why. This chap has gone to a fair bit of effort to make his page professional and interactive. 


Can you see the difference between the two? One would make you think, successful author, i should buy his book and see why. the other says, just starting out, possibly self published. Yet in terms of success, its actually the other way around, Stephanie Meyer has a HUGE empire i guess you could say yet Rick, i bet allot of you said ‘who?’. 

My own website is a work in progress but i think that it says, professional, even if it doesn’t scream great. But as I’m only self published at this stage i think that it does the job nicely and for my budget it looks damn good. Possibly in the future when I’m bringing in some money i can afford a web designer. But until then i have to do the best i can with what i have.