Moving day is approaching, Thursday to be precise. That’s two days away! I went home last night ready to pack everything and clean all i could so that i wont have to do it on Thursday. Did it happen, no. Why? Because there just always seems to be more stuff! I think i have taken about 20 big bags of stuff to the hopper in an attempt to de-clutter but it doesn’t seem to have helped, i still have more stuff than will squeeze into my little bedroom. I’m moving from a one bed apartment by myself to a share house. Looking at it last night i came to the realisation that i was going to need help. Not help packing, but help moving. I only intended to have about 10 boxes and little furniture but i have a lounge room full of boxes and even through my sister is taking most of the furniture it still needs moving.Image

So i bit the bullet and hired a removalist.  This is mostly because if i don’t then i have to move everything myself, down 9flights of stairs, and i don’t trust myself not to go ass over end with the washing machine.  You know what, removalists are a damn good deal! 

Me: a whole day moving, help from one girl and 2 guys, borrowing a ute, ass tired, bad back for a few days, bad temper. 

Them: $200, 90minutes. Done. 

Honestly why wouldn’t I! My brother is kicking himself because he moved last weekend and it took him 3 days lol I do feel sorry for the poor boys moving me but hey, its their job 🙂

So tonight my fridge is being picked up by its new owner (stair warning issued). I have maybe two more boxes to pack (i hope) and a dozen bags of rubbish to go out (its never ending). Then i have to get cleaning. I have training tomorrow night so i wont get anything done then. So it has to be tonight. Fingers crossed xxx I’m so tired.

The picture is of the actual company im using, nice lycra hey 😛