I found a place to live! Its beautiful, over looks the city, has a 25m indoor lap pool and gym (remind me to cancel my gym membership) and my room has a double walk in robe and ensuite! Plus its right next door to work and the archery range so i can tottle over there when ever i like. 

But now I know where im going, im faced with the issue of storage. We have a storage cage but its not large. Plus my room is an odd shape so cant fit much in the way of furnishings. I’m going to have to cull my belongings. I can see this the way my dad does, if you throw it out its going to cost you more to replace it when you need it again. Sure, but how long do you keep that old sofa, the side tables etc before they need a revamp anyway? I already sold the lounge as it was large and there was no way it was going to fit anywhere. Dad offered to store it at the farm for me but really in a year or two if i move out would i really still like it? Its already 7yrs old. The fridge is only big enough for one persons food and we got it for $50 so its going for sure. The TV stand and bookshelf i asked my sister to take (with the washing machine i was borrowing from her) because she needed them anyway and this way if in six months i need them i can grab them back or buy new ones. 

But this is all furniture. What about the ‘belongings’ pots, pans, bathroom things, stationary etc. No i don’t need it at the new house but should i discard my whole life to save space? The other issue is that (as i have mentioned numerous times) I live up 9flights of stairs with no lift. The new place has a lift but even then i am going to have to cart all these boxes down from my old place and up to the new one, one -by -one. Its going to take forever! I’m moving during the day on a Thursday so I wont have helpers (i hired little men last time). My sister and boyfriend can help after work but by then im hoping to have it all done any way beside the desk and bed which im going to need help moving. So i need a plan of attack. I have already been brutal in my throwing away. But i still have the kitchen to go. The hardest part. Here’s my plan:


1. Consume contents of fridge and pantry in next few days.

2. sell fridge, and help sister remove pieces she is taking. 

3. Throw out microwave (who stores a microwave?)

4. Throw out plants and pots on balcony. I should explain this one. Yes there is no need to do this but coming up to winter most things out there need to be pulled up and replanted anyway (they are vegies). Much faster to throw the lot out with their $2 pots and $3 bag of potting mix. I’m keeping the chilli plant.

5. Tupperware. Keep all. 1 tub 

6. Pantry, if its not in tupperware it goes in the bin. Moving a bag of $2 pasta is a waste of time (see no1.)

7. Bathroom. If it doesn’t fit in my vanity case (two tiered) then it gets thrown out. This is actually easier than you might think. Makeup from highschool should NEVER be used again.

8. Pots and Pans. I think rule of thumb, if it has burnt on grime, throw it. If its worth more than $50 keep it. If i use it daily, keep it. If i have more than one, throw it. 

9. Plates and glasses. I don’t have much but its nice stuff so either store it or use it at the new place. (one box for these and no8.)

10. Miscellaneous. The trick with this i think is to allow myself a certain number of tubs. Once they are full, that’s it. Choose wisely and pack carefully. I already have 6 tubs full (but only two lids, go figure). I think this will have to be my max. I will have to cull from these to fit more in if i want to keep things. 

11. Linnen. Do i really need 5 beach towels and ten fitted sheets for one person?  Allow 1 box.

12. Books. Keep them all. (4 small boxes)


So what do you think? Can i do it? Counting these this will be 15 trips up the stairs….not including the bed and desk. I might try and pack the car with what i have so far so its full for the first trip Thursday morning. That way I can split up the stair climbing trips so i don’t kill myself 😛 Its also thankfully a long weekend so i have time to recover use of my legs.