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Every one has an opinion, whats better, the book or the movie? I think this largely depends on if you read the book first or see the movie first. For example, The Secret Garden is one of my fave movies but i have never read the book. Beautiful Creatures was a great movie but i read the book after and wasn’t fussed. Yet i know several people who loved the book and read it before the movie. 

Harry Potter: Read the books before the movie. Loved the books, wasn’t fussed on the movie. 

Twilight: Same, read the books then saw the movies and wasn’t fussed.

I think the problem is that the movies are trying to be faithful to the books but acting and writing are two different things and they often don’t translate well between themselves. My favorite author ever, Tamora Pierce, has had several offers to make her books into movies but she has turned them down. She gave several reasons for doing so but the main one was that she didn’t think the movie would translate well. 


 So lets remember some movies that should have never been made.

Eragon, The Golden CompassImage

Both were great books but the movies stuffed around with the story and frankly came out second best. In the case of the Golden Compass they completely changed the ending and thought no one would care about the lack of story line if they put Nicole Kidman and Bond in it and made some pritty special effects….we noticed.  Eragon frankly must have had a small budget because the books were epic, the movie was crap tastic, it was like Lord of the rings made by a high school drama class.

So, fellow authors, would you take the gamble and make your book into a movie?