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I have been massively stressed out this month. Mostly because of certain horrible people at work but also because i have to move house next week and haven’t actually found somewhere else to live…potentially problematic. 

As a result i have a half cold (i have all the symptoms but they are all weak so i cant call it an actual cold), and i have had a headache everyday for the past 4 days. I hate taking any kind of drugs, even pain killers so the fact that i’m onto my second box is alarming. So i am trying to think of ways to de stress naturally. I’m not doing well lol. Today i am trying Barocca for energy and a mouth spray called Rescue Remedy Stress, Who knows it might actually work. Yesterday i had a massage which was lovely but she said that i went really red which means that i need to drink more water apparently. Might book another one in for next week and another the week after im homeless…sigh.

I’m looking at two places tonight to rent, the problem isn’t that i can’t find anywhere its that i haven’t found anywhere i actually like. One last night smelt and was with two grown and kinda odd men, no thanks. One was with a single mother and her two 20something sons, nup. So if all else fails i will just pick one but i would rather a place i actually like. I can always set up in mums spare room for a week or so if i need to but i would rather not. 

All of this has meant that i have no time for writing, the house is a mess as i am packing and throwing out bags and bags of things so i don’t have to move it. That’s a hot tip by the way, if you throw it out, you don’t have to move it! I’m trying to cull my belongings anyway, selling furniture and getting it down to max 10 boxes. I’m going from living alone to living in a share house so i wont need much. It’s rather liberating not having a bunch of stuff actually. Its like going on holiday with an overnight bag vs two suitcases. Its simpler 🙂 And i need the simple life baby. 

Hopefully in a few weeks when im all sorted out (i will provide pictures) i can get back to writing. 

On a personal note: a friends daughter was recently cornered by a bunch of 12yr old boys and threatened with rape. It turns out neither they nor the girl knew what rape was (the boys knew it was bad but we aren’t sure if they meant to go through with it). This has concerned me and i want to remind all parents that no matter how good your kid is, please talk to them about what rape is and why its bad from a young age.  Even threatening with no intent to go through with it is terrifying to the victim. 

Peace out!