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You know how you read a character in a book and you think that no one in real life can be that dumb/evil. Well i found them. Introducing the Rental market!

A few case studies for you.

1. Im currently trying to find a new place to rent. I contacted one girl who seemed very perky and said that she would arrange a time when her and her other housemate were home for me to come and view, I waited two weeks and finally she gave up and said that i could just view it with her home. I lost my phone this weekend and got back to work to find a snarky email from her to say they no longer want me as a room mate as i am unreliable and she waited all after noon for me to show up…now if you call someone and they don’t answer would you assume they will show up to the time and place they didn’t know they were supposed to show up at?? No, me neither, i politely told her to shove it. 

2. The last place my sister and i rented was very small and kinda run down. We discovered there was a leak in the bathroom and called the landlord, he couldn’t afford to fix it so we let it go. Leak got worse, it now resembled a small lake in the living room carpet through the wall of the bathroom. Called again, still cant afford to fix it. House now smells and cant get past lake without going through it, starts to rot wall and grow black mold. We offer to pay to fix it. Turns out it was the toilet that was leaking under the floor cost $500. We moved out not long after and the landlord didn’t pay us back for the plumber, and kept $800 of our bond because the carpet needed cleaning and the nob was missing off the heater…

3. I used to own my own place which i rented several rooms. One tenant wouldn’t pay the bills and once said to me “You earn more than me though, can’t you just pay it?” 

4. at same house we kicked a tenant out because he owed us several weeks rent totaling $900. He paid $500 bond so we told him we would keep the bond as payment for the lost rent. He decided he had to have the bond back so paid the $900 to get $500 bond back…not the brightest crayon in the box.

5. Some house again (we sold the stupid house after this). Room mate washed his doona (quilt) and decided to dry it in the dryer. This would have been fine had he not put it in for 2hrs, decided it was still damp so put it back in for another 2hrs. The dryer safety switch didn’t flip, doona caught fire, set fire to the washing machine below it which was full of my washing. I got a phone call at 2am to say they had set the house on fire then I got an ear full because the down stairs smoke detector didn’t go off (upstairs one did) and i only had a fireblanket, not an extinguisher…well sorry but i didn’t expect you to be a dumb ass and you were the one to pull the battery out of the down stairs one because it annoyed you when you were cooking. A $2000 insurance claim later and he decided to move out. 


What about you, do you have any horror rental stories?