I have two exciting topics for you all today. The first is that my author bio is up on Beachwalk press’s website. Go check it out and see the photo that took me two days to get right…

The second topic is Office Politics! Many of you will know that im not built for office life. I hate working day in day out at the same desk, at the same time, on the same things. Bores me and i see little point in the whole thing which i could just as easily do in an hour on my laptop at home in bed. Anyway. A big issue has been boiling at work recently and it stems from a high ranking staff member being, shall we say, uncooperative and not a team player. We have decided to form a united front and place complaints through the official channels to try get a review of his work done and hopefully be rid of him (he is well past retirement age and needs to go). The problem? Im not into office politics. At all. I like to come in, sit down and get on with it. If you have a problem with me that’s your issue, not mine. So this person, my issue with them? I don’t have one.

Sure I don’t like them but is that a reason to get rid of someone? My dislike stems from the fact that they often get me to do work that isnt my job just because im a junior staff member, printing and things which take away from my normal duties and is just plain rude to ask me. But i hardly see that as a reason to make a formal complaint. I know they treat everyone else worse which is why im on my teams side about having this ‘intervention’ but im not putting in a complaint based on second hand knowledge. Im taking a stand im afraid. It may make me unpopular but if i walk into a room and say i want to make a complaint about them asking me to do printing i will be laughed from the room. 

Anyone else have ever had a similar problem? Been asked to stand with a group you didn’t think you belonged in? 

I also have a new release out! Totally snuck that one in didn’t I 🙂

Bound by the Help

Unable to pay her cowboys, this boss finds a currency that suits everyone. Hers by day, theirs by night.