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Taming the Hunted has sold to a wonderful publisher! This means that you can all get your hot little hands on it later in the year. I will keep you posted with cover art and a release date when i know them. 

In celebration i thought I would share with you some questions I, and my author friends, have asked each other over the years, some funny, some concerning lol:

Me: For the boys, if you are angry and naked and you are yelling at other angry naked men, do your bits move in agitation? 

Friend: What happens if you use ginger during sex? I have heard of it but need to put it in a scene and need to know what it feels like.

Me: If two guys are having sex with the same woman but there is no guy on guy action, is it still considered gay or bisexual?

Me: Is it possible to restrain someones hands with a belt and if so how would you secure it? 

Friend: If you had a dead body and had to get it out of a car in a busy street, how would you do it?

Friend: What do you think about when you are doped up on morphine?

Friend: Need someone with knowledge of guns and how loud they are if shot inside

Friend: Yes or no, do you find reading about swallowing hot or not?


Frankly they can get a lot more interesting and we often don’t have context for them so they can lead to some hilarious conversations. I bet you thought authors just make this stuff up but really we want our facts to be correct and most of the time we can find someone who has done it to get first hand insight to how it feels and how to do it correctly. It gets a little harder when we are talking about paranormal things but usually we can get majority votes on ‘would you believe it if’ questions. Have you ever read a scene in a book and know for a fact that it wouldn’t happen? Even if you know little about the topic a reader can often spot an error where an author has forgotten to check a fact. I was watching Castle last night and the heroine cut open a strange package corner to corner then stuck her finger in and licked the white powder to see if it was drugs. No way would this happen in real life! First of all who knows what it is she could have just licked Anthrax! Secondly she just damaged evidence by slashing it open. See, i know nothing about this process and even i know it was wrong.

On other things we have to make sure that if we make up a situation we really think through how it would happen, how the characters would feel and react.

TSTL, a term that means too stupid to live. This means that you have made your character do something so irrational that in real life they would not have made it out of the situation alive. Have you ever read something like this? We call them wall thumpers because you get so angry at the stupid character that you throw the book against the wall. As an author its our job to make even the most out there scene seem realistic. Trust me, sometimes it’s really really hard to do and you have to go back and re work it several times just so that our editors don’t throw it against a wall and set the chapter on fire.