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I have several stories out at publishers in their master IN pile. Submitting is the easy part. Its the waiting for a reply that kills me. Honestly 6-12 weeks! what am i meant to do for 3months whilst i wait for a reply that will launch my super successful writing career and launch me into the public spot light as a super talented author from a place called Canberra that no one has ever heard of despite the fact that its the CAPITAL people! 

Anyway. Procrastination. Most people would tell me to just write another book whilst i wait. My issue with that is from experience publishers often ask you to ‘edit’ it which involves changing large chunks of the story. If i write the next one in the series i may write about things that will be cut from the first one so no one will know what i’m on about and ill have to rewrite the whole thing anyway. See my issue? But considering i am up to, you ready for it, 28 rejections (this is over 10yrs and about 5 stories mind you) I live in hope that these ones will get through. Don’t get me wrong, those rejections weren’t the end all you might think. One was a request for a full (usually you only sub the first chapter) so they liked it enough to want to read the rest. Another few were resubs (you edit it with their suggestions then send it back), Another few were that they loved the story but it didn’t fit with the line i wanted it published to either because of length or heat level (sex).  this is why i live in hope. Sometimes you just have to get the right publisher at the right time. I currently have one story which im so in love with i cant believe it hasn’t been published yet, out with 4 publishers for consideration. Another publisher i’m working on resubs for it but i have resubbed about 5 times so I’m trying my luck elsewhere before i try with them again just to see if i get a nibble. You might wonder why i would sub to 4 at once. Well going back to 2-3month waiting times for a reply frankly its a numbers game. If i only subbed to one at a time that’s maybe 3 publishers a year reading it. This way i get more like 15 publishers a year. Get it? Some publishers don’t like simultaneous submissions but really i think that’s unrealistic. If i get an offer ill politely withdraw my sub from the other places, its that simple. If you are making us wait a few months for a reply you cant expect us to just sit here and not be proactive. If its some epic 100,000word tomb then its a little more understandable, they took the time to read the thing they should get exclusive rights to say yes or no. But mine are about 20,000words and frankly you can read it in a night.

But, whilst i’m waiting i’m reading. Got a few on the go right now which is odd as i haven’t been able to find a good book in years. Now i have heaps.

ImageUndead and Undermined. It would appear that i have missed a few from this series so im catching up. They started to get a little monologueing and not enough action so i stopped after Unfinished. 







ImageThen i’m reading a YA called Belonging (i am waiting for a reply from Harlequin teen too who published this one). It intrigued me as its about a girl who becomes Amish to be with a guy.







ImageThen i’m still going on Anne Rice’s, Wolf Gift, which is really good but i’m kinda time poor so its taking me a while to get through it.