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So i had a moment, well a day, today where i just don’t want to face it and would rather be at home watching tv. What happened? Well I wont go into it but basically all my managers had a meeting about my new duties, but neglected to tell me about it so i was hit with several emails today that made no sense and basically stuffed up my whole week. Communication fail. Which brings me to today’s topic. Who are you? When we write characters in a book we give them back story, hobbies etc to explain why they react the way they do, why they think the way they do. Have you ever thought about yourself in this way? Why do you like cooking? Hate bossy people? Love bossy people? Well here is me. (note in not in these pics i got them from google lol) You got them all? I’m a:

Bellydancer, archer, blackbelt, author, gardener,Image Rural firefighter, librarian

So go ahead, try and categorise me lol Frankly i think that there is always more to a person than meets the eye. Why do i do all of these things? Well, i joined the RFS because i was around during the black saturday fires in Canberra and saw people affected by fire and those who were there to help. My family has a farm and i would hate for them to get injured. Librarian? I love books 


(although my current job is all computers sadly). Bellydancing came about because of TaeKwonDo. They told me i was too graceful and needed to be more aggressive. I didn’t want to be so i quit TKD and started dancing. Why did i join

 TKD, because my mother, sister and best friend were all victims


 of domestic violence and i didn’t want to be helpless. Archery, I read a lot of YA fiction and my favorite heroines

 always train really hard to get good at something. 

I don’t like guns (though i used to have a licence to shoot at the farm) so i chose Archery as it was something i could train at my 



own pace and get good at (I’m a crack shot too). Gardening, 


My grandmother used to garden and i believe my love grew from that.

 I like creating an oasis and knowing that 

i helped it grow. So there i am. On a platter. 


Every time i write a character i think about this and wonder how much i can squeeze into their story without over loading the reader. I have to cut it down most of the time to one or two hobbies. Hey, not every one is as busy as me 🙂