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I had a moment today when i realised that i have stopped asking why, and started being the one answering the question. This was on account of my boss. She is 50yrs old (same age as my mother fyi), has a tounge stud and wears mini skirts. I thought she was pritty with it. Turns out, not. 

Boss: There is a nice underwear shop opened up across the road. but they have this g-string with pearls along the crotch instead of fabric. It was very pritty but that cant be very comfortable to wear all day.

I had to step in before she dug herself in a bigger hole. I explained that it was normally sold at a sex shop and left it at that. I don’t think she understood as she continued to point out that it would be uncomfortable…awkward. For those who don’t know what it’s for, Google it.  But this has happened with increasing frequency in my life. My mother, sister and friends have all said things that i have had to, awkwardly, explain. Even pictures that appear on facebook, whats wrong with that? they ask pointing to a picture which is just wrong to say the least. Sigh, well you see…

We had a kid with us on the weekend who asked Why to everything. This just hit home that I’m no longer the innocent bystander, I’m a teacher, even when i don’t want to do it haha But its not just sex related. I have had to change several things in stories i write to explain them to readers. Things that i would have thought were universal. A few examples:

1. Whats, pranking? (when you ring a friend but hang up before they answer so they will call you back and they have to pay for the call)

2. Whats a Smore? (American snack of two crackers with chocolate and marshmallow between them, toasted over an open fire)

3. I don’t think they would txt that. (I get this all the time. Generation gap i think)

4. What is a g string? (A thong to my american friends, a thong in Australia is what you call a flip flop)

You see my issue. things that everyone i know, knows the meaning of, my readers have no idea what i’m taking about. So i have to ensure I check my pop culture references so that even if i use these things, i explain briefly what it is so that I don’t loose people. 

Ever had to explain something you would rather not?