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You know when you take a day off, plan all the things you’re going to get done. Wake up late, breakfast in bed, watch telly etc. Then you wake up to find someone else in your house is also home and you get totally bummed! My sister and I use to live together and actually banned each other from taking the same day off. To the point where she would txt from the next room to tell me she was really really sorry but she had to stay home sick on my day off and she will buy me chocolate to make up for it and stay in her room so she didn’t bother me.

That’s me today.

Yesterday was the Anzac day public holiday (remembrance for those fallen at war) So we were strongly encouraged to make it a long weekend and take today off too.  Basically my entire office took this up and i was going to be the only one in the office today. That suited me just fine. Have you ever wanted to get locked in a library overnight? That’s how i felt about today.  I thought i would put my music on, read my book, get some writing done. Basically muck around all day. Can you see where this is going? Yep, got in to find a colleague who has been off work for two weeks decided to come in. Great.

I’m realllllly annoyed about it! She keeps trying to talk to me which means i have to take my ipod out and pay attention to her work related questions. The worst part is i have to try and be nice because her mother in law died and she came in to get away from her husband who is moping around the house. I feel her pain. But she wrecked my day! I am aware this is a first world problem, heck its not that big a deal really but my groove has been thrown out because she is working and making me feel bad for doing nothing! I told her i intended to do nothing and she was all for it. I don’t even think she realizes she is killing my buzz. 

Ever had this happen? Had a day all planned out only to have some well meaning person step in and ruin it?


Now this pic has nothing to do with this post but i’m in love with Logan and Kayla from Xmen, sigh. Someone came in and wrecked their groove too.