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For some reason every time i am in a training session at work i end out strongly hating at least one person. Today it was a leadership course. We were asked to draw leadership, without using words, as a team. When we presented ours this annoying woman kept asking questions, but, but, but she kept saying. Basically she thought we got it wrong. I used to have this issue in school too. How can you get a creative assignment wrong, its my interpretation there for its correct. Right? And frankly this was the same group of people who were shown a picture of a famous leader and said it was Obama, it was Martin Luther King. Not the brightest managers in my office obviously. Oh and half didn’t know who Gandhi was either….sigh

So then i get back to work to find that the media department has used one of the really complicatedly networked computers for a video shoot and cant remember how to re connect it…wow thanks guys. I held my cool and calmly suggested that next time they ASK first and we will get a spare computer for them that wont screw up our week trying to re connect it. 

So as you can see its been one of those days that i just really wish i was a full time writer and didn’t have to work in an office with a bunch of idiots that think wearing heels and a suit makes you smart. Some of the most intelligent people i know wear sweatpants and slippers all day.

But its okay. Practicing my cool


In other news, my WIP has gone off to a publisher so wish me luck. It’s a series so as soon as it gets contracted I’ll have to really focus on the sequel. I love this series and really hope it finds a good home!