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What will make me put a book back on the shelves? I was roaming my local book shop yesterday determined to find a new book to read. Lately i have just read the same series (anything by Tamora Pierce) over and over because nothing grabs me. I picked up book after book and just kept putting them back. Here is a list of reasons i didn’t buy your book.

1. The words ‘Before its too late’ anywhere on the book. It’s not going to be after it’s too late is it. This just bugs me as cliche. 

2. Bad cover art. I don’t know how many books i looked at but if i unfocused my eyes they could well have been the same book they were all that similar. 

3. If the blurb grabbed me i would read the first page. Several lost me at this stage, one because they mentioned cobwebs and dirt no less than 6 times within half a page…bad writing.

4. Anything that mentioned teenagers falling for angels or vampires, its been done, let it go. 

note: There are exceptions to this but your book has to really grab me to over look it.

5. ‘One woman’s journey to find herself’ Or any approximation of these words. I don’t care how lost she is, i want to know why i should buy it, not her emotional turmoil.  That comes later once i buy it. 

6. Teenage drama. Yes i know teenagers are moody and shallow but throw something in the mix to spice it up already. Tamora Pierce for example writes teenage drama but not whinny and bratty. Her heroines have substance and are head strong and not sappy-fall-for-the-first-guy-they-see idiots. Sure boy meets girl sells but give me something different already. 

7. Too stupid to live. If i want to kill the heroine for being an idiot just from reading the blurb, you have lost me. 

So what did i buy? I went for a classic. Anne Rice. Frankly that woman could write about a rock and i would still be gripping the edge of my seat. As it happens this is her latest, The Wolf Gift. She normally writes Vampires (Brad Pitt in Interview with the Vampire, is hers) but this is her first Werewolf. Now, why i bought it.

1. The cover was simple and clear. They knew that they didn’t need to complicate it. Anne Rice sells books. 

2. The blurb didn’t try too hard. It told you why the hero is there, gives an edge of danger and hints at some brutality. (below)

3. The first page, well the first sentence had me. Such rich language that doesn’t try too hard but gives you shivers and makes you feel like you are really there. 


Of course i left it on the floor last night and the dog ate the corner, sigh. So i may give this copy to mum who is also a fan and get a new one for myself 🙂



The time is the present.
The place, the rugged coast of Northern California. A bluff high above the Pacific. A grand mansion full of beauty and tantalizing history set against a towering redwood forest.
A young reporter on assignment from the San Francisco Observer . . . An older woman welcoming him into her magnificent family home that he has been sent to write about and that she must sell with some urgency . . . A chance encounter between two unlikely people . . . An idyllic night—shattered by horrific unimaginable violence, the young man inexplicably attacked—bitten—by a beast he cannot see in the rural darkness . . . A violent episode that sets in motion a terrifying yet seductive transformation, as the young man, caught between ecstasy and horror, between embracing who he is evolving into and fearing what he will become, soon experiences the thrill of the wolf gift.