I don’t really think it is writer’s block but im in a funk. I stopped writing a few months ago after several things in my life changed and i just sort of forgot to write. First i moved house, then I split with my partner of three years then i took up wayyy too many hobbies. Now im counting the days until i can move out of said house to somewhere much more suited to me, and i have a new fella in my life who takes up most of my time. I just haven’t found a way to ease back into the writing mentality yet. Not to menetion i have no internet beside a measly 2GB on my phone and my laptop battery had a life span of 5minutes.

Last night i sat down, with my new laptop battery, after a day that lasted until 9pm, and couldn’t write a word. It wasn’t that i didn’t know what to write because something always comes to me if i just start typing, it was more that i had edited, and re edited this particular story so many times that i was bored of it. Its an awesome story and sooo close to getting contracted but i was just finished with it. So instead i watched 30mins of a movie and went to bed…


I have to get back into the swing of it! The butt in chair mentality that churns a book out no matter how unmotivated you are. Maybe i need some new books? Some new images? Something to get me excited about writing again. That’s why i started blogging again after such a long break. I have to start thinking of this as my job again. I can move house end of June and will endeavor to get writing right from the start at the new place to get into the swing of it, make it a habit again.

Maybe i can make Saturday my writing time? I’m usually home from the mans house by midday, I have a desk that i don’t use so i could actually find a chair and pull it up?

I have to do something!