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So you may have noticed a major change to this blog. It is that i have changed the name to reflect my Author name. No I’m not reminding you of the other name lol

I received an interesting email today that got me thinking. It was from a publisher who I’m working with to get my story contracted. Most budding authors think they can slam out a few thousand words and the readers will love it. Nope. You may have a great story, you may even be a great writer (i like to think I’m not bad) but you will always, always have to listen to, and take on others views. This is a fine line though. First you have to find the right person to listen to. If it’s an inexperienced critique it can be a bad idea to listen to feedback because it may not be helpful, this is rare. Most feedback will help in some way. But what I’m referring to in this case is when the other person just doesn’t get it.

You can scream at them until the cows come home but really if they don’t get it, your readers won’t get it. It may make sense in your head but the reader doesn’t have the insight you have. The example I had in this particular email was that she commented that my alpha wolf wouldn’t be wearing cologne because it would be too strong for his wolf nose. I had meant to describe his personal scent, he isn’t wearing cologne. But how is she to know that? No where in this story did I say it was his skin that smelt, not what he put on it.  So I have to go back and try and convey this.

Another author pet for me is independent body parts. I had never heard of these until I became an author. Let me give you an example.

“Her feet carried her up the hallway” this implies her feet are thinking for themselves and since they don’t have a brain this can’t happen.

What it should say is “She walked up the hallway”

See what i mean? The first one to me is more creative. But it’s wrong. As an author I have to get these things right or some person out there will pick it up. I promise you that! Even in my stories, which are mostly paranormal, i have to work to a set of rules. And if I don’t i have to explain to the audience why I changed them. I bet it never even occurred to you that werewolves can’t wear cologne, right? But if you think about it, it does make sense. I also have a werewolf and hunter living together, they are natural enemies so I have to have a really good reason why they haven’t killed each other, other wise the reader won’t believe it and it will ruin the story for them.

Twilight? Allot of people are angry that she changed the rules, vegetarian vampires that sparkle? Stephanie Meyer had to give a really good reason why this works in her world or no one would have bought her books (well they would have but not so many).