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I have a desk! This is not the chair that i will be using normally but until i find a good one its better than nothing. Now, things on my desk. You will see the small pink elephant in the corner. I got him from Jim Thomson house in Thailand. When i unpacked he landed in my writing corner so when I moved the desk in I felt that he should stay. On the right you can see a small collecting of harry potter lego dudes, they remind me of what great writing can achieve. I love the idea that a whole world has been built around this story, clothes, food, HP world in Orlando (so want to go there), its so awesome how much people love that book. Image

Next we have my little blackboard I got for $5, I just think its so cute and retro. The other stuff is more for decoration. I like crafty things. The little box will hold my business cards and bookmarks. Oh and of course my RWA conference mug. I plan to put up a pinboard in the blank wall space but haven’t made it yet 🙂 I love my writing space, i have never had my own desk before and i love sitting here, looking out the window or spinning the tv around and watching a movie whilst i type.