So, i have been without internet for nearly two weeks! The internet dongle i bought is apparently faulty and they couldn’t fix it so i will have to get it replaced. Last week was my week off work. I vowed to get allot done as well as get some much needed editing done. Here’s how i went:

1. Finished editing my YA including deleting the whole first chapter, it just wasn’t working ūüė¶

2. Wrote the synopsis and blurb for the same YA.

3. Removed all tubs and plonked things from around the house after the move. House is now sorted.

4. Bought a coffee table to replace photoframe and tubs i had been using as a coffee table when guests came over.

5. Made some new¬†harem¬†pants for bellydancing. They’re HUGE lol.

6. Used excess fabric to make bunting for my sisters child themed birthday party next week. (we get fairy bread and sausage rolls mmm, she is turning 29)

7. Used leftover, leftover fabric to make little¬†harem¬†pants for my 3yr old cousin for¬†Christmas¬† i hope they fit her she is growing so fast ūüôā Ill add a photo when i get my internet back.¬†


Another interesting thing that happened was that the man’s workmate gave us about a dozen eggs from his chickens. They tasted great! we asked if we could set up some to take home weekly and he said only if we swap for them. Eg, Food or items. I thought this was a great idea besides the fact that¬†neither¬†me or the man has anything to swap besides a dwindling supply of lemons from the tree out back. But i do love this idea so i thought that maybe i could buy something inexpensive like¬†strawberrys¬†and make jam? Would this count as swapping? Or perhaps lemon curd from those lemons? I assume cooked food is as good as fresh. Maybe a loaf of fresh baked bread?