A friend and fellow author on Facebook today posted something that I’m going to steal. It is not my idea, lets get that straight, but I’m sure she wont mind ūüėõ

At Home Writers Retreat!

What is it? Well i cant afford nor am i bothered going on a real retreat but i do have a whole week off at the end of September so I’m going to devote it to getting¬†those back draw things¬†done. Here is my list so far:

  1. Finish converting my YA from third to first person. (its been a long long time coming)
  2. Finish editing The Millionaire’s Convenient Bride, a contemporary i was aiming at the Sexy line over at Mills and Boon which has sat on my TBE (to be edited) pile for too long.
  3. Select stories for my anthology to be released on Smashwords soon. Already got a cover, looks great!!
  4. Pound out some words for my new book, untitled, about an Earth mage. Its great fun and i cant wait till its finished.
  5. Set up my writing area. I have the space and the time, now to get down and dirty and find a desk.
  6. Not put on 5kg during the week locked up at home eating delivered pizza.

I plan on giving updates on¬†my Facebook page so make sure you ‘Like’ it to¬†keep up to date on¬†how I’m going. Photos may even be included of my days and new writing area. ¬†