Writing when you aren’t in the mood is like trying to herd a cat through snow. You know you have to do it but really it just seems like too much effort! Some people call this writers block i just think its a lack of ideas. After a while, sitting around the house all day writing you will eventually use up all your ideas. You have to venture out and find new ones. I simply just cant ‘make’ myself write if I’m dried up. I will get about one paragraph done an hour. Not productive and usually its terrible writing anyway. But as soon as an idea starts to grow i can write a book in a week if i have the time. It just flows like butter on hot toast.

I have had both of these moments in the last month or two. I was trying to get a sequel out for a book under consideration, i got to 10,000 words and just couldn’t get any further. I just had no idea where they were going. So i stopped. For a while. Like a few weeks. Now though i have started reading a great new book and watching a great new show and the ideas are flowing thick and fast. I even started writing a new story which I’m really excited about. Its going so well that I’m aiming for a full length as opposed to the Novellas that i usually write. I can already picture theImage cover i want one it which, really, is the exciting part 😛

Its a superhero romance! i saw the cover for one recently and just loved the idea. Its new and fun. The book that got me going is Strange Academy by Teresa Wilde, and the show is an oldie, Eastwick. As i write paranormal both have great powers for their characters and fun fresh takes on them.


So what is mine about. Well, i guess you will just have to wait and see…