Yes folks im moving out, and up, 4floors! Next week i get the keys to my new apartment. Its 4 stories up and no lift but its great. Central location, but not in a busy area. Big balcony which i intend on filling with edible plants and a free standing hammock. But most of all im looking for ward to it being mine. Never before have i lived alone and the thought is both terrifying and immensely satisfying. I have also never lived without cats. Bring on the bird feeders!


You know what im most looking forward to (besides the bath and fan forced oven *squee*) is a writing area. Living in share houses you cant have your own areas in the common rooms. In this place, i can set up a desk and plaster the walls with as many images as i like. First stop will be to the tip to find a secondhand desk for $20 or less (moving is expensive remember). I plan on setting up the house with the help of family and my lovely man, (remember, 8 flights of stairs to get up here) then getting drunk and baking cookies. When i get over the hangover i have to get up and amuse the groom and best men for a friends wedding (conveniently on the day after i move and they needed somewhere to get ready) Then i will get drunk again at the reception and possibly not make it to work the next day…we will see. I may be suffering from bad back, bad knees and a sore head after all that moving and drinking. Its a hard life lol

So, Pics to come. I will give you a before, during and after tour. And will even take a pic if anyone lands under the couch on the way up. Here’s hoping not!