In my opinion there are more gen Y and even X who are going into business for themselves. This is for several reasons. Population boom for one, there aren’t enough jobs where people don’t report to a higher power. Fewer jobs where you have power over your work. But also that i think we have automated our jobs so much that they have become pointless. I for example, am asked to write documents which take a few weeks to complete that are looked at once then either deleted or never looked at again…and they wonder why i have no sense of job satisfaction. I also create meetings and book things that could very easily be done by the person asking me to do them. To the point where they open the calender to check that i put it in. Well folks if you have the time to check i did it, why didn’t you have the time to do it yourself?

So, back to working for yourself. People no longer want the 9-5. We want to work on our own time, when it suits us. Sitting at a computer can now be done anywhere anytime, so why do we still have offices? These are the questions people ask themselves. Why am i doing this for you when i can do it for me? In the same thought people can do things the way they want. I often ask why we do something a certain way, the reply is usually because that’s the way its always been done…for the last 50years! We have ideas and innovations that aren’t received well in the business world. We want to change things, make them batter, faster, more streamlined. And if we cant get our boss’s to see that then we leave, its that simple.

This is how i got into writing. I liked the idea of control. I used to read books and think, i wouldn’t have done that. Or i look at a website and think that i would move that there, or add this. Then i realised after several years that i could build a career out of this. It incorporates being your own boss, working your own hours, no uniform, marketing, business, finance, law. It is a small business. You nurture it and it grows. We have meetings (Skype is better than any meeting room i have been too plus you can Skype in your PJ’s). You can be at home with the kids and still be working, thinking of ideas, plots, what you can do to sell more products. Being an author was listed as the third most satisfying occupation under teachers. They are jobs where we are in control. Even more so in the age of self publishing.

Having said that, like any occupation we have our misconceptions. When i self published my first book my friends asked why I was still working my day job…well because my total sales for 2months were $5 lol It is a labour of love i didnt choose it for the money i chose it for the satisfaction. People see Authors as being glamorous, relaxing on tropical islands whilst people bring us fruity cocktails. When in reality its getting up and plonking butt on chair and typing until your brain screams no more! It’s still hard work, but we are the ones who gain the benefits. Our work, our satisfaction.

So go out there, take charge, give your work day meaning! Even if your work day starts at 5pm when you get home from the day job 😉

This is a favourite video of mine, the series follows authors and where they write. This office is accessed through a bookshelf secret passage 😛