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So, its cold in Canberra. Low of -4 and highs of 10 to 15. Chilly at best. We got the electricity bill yesterday and ouch. So i left the heater off and attempted to warm up in the shower instead on my day off. After 3mins the hot water ran out, damn. So instead i decided to kill two birds with one stone and head down the local pool for a swim and a spa. Pulling myself into my swimmers i realised it was time to update. I’m an avid swimmer but usually in the warmer months so hadn’t pulled them on in a while. The chlorine had done its damage and besides the slightly see through patches its gotten kinda crispy and small. Not to mention they are the kind that zips the whole way up the backImage (in an attempt to keep my breasts in whilst i swim i went for the high necked ones) and frankly my arms no longer bend far enough to do them up. So when i finally got them on i headed to the swim shop at the pool to look for a replacement pair.

Now, im a big girl and in the past anything in my size were floral,Image had a skirt attached or the biggest breast padding you have ever seen. Having quite small breasts and only being in my 20’s this wasn’t working. Luckily this shop stocked actual one piece ones that looked professional, plain black with racing stripes. Now i hate swimmer shopping because i can never find a pair that are comfortable. They either ride up or my boobs fall out the top, this shop was no different. So i gave up and went swimming.

When i got home i googled plus size swimmers and discovered a wonderful site that promotes, long torso swimmers….That’s it! its not that they are too small (because they are often baggy if i go up another size in an effort to get a pair that fits) i just apparently have a longer torso so they don’t stretch that high. The ones at the shop had boob padding in them which rested somewhere around my waist, too short folks!  So my online ones said it will take 20days to get here! Are they hand delivering them? Anyway, so with any luck this will solve all my swimming problems. No more yoga poses trying to do myself up and no more side boob falling out. 

And on the topic, the spa is an interesting study in mens swim wear. Older men mostly, baggy speedos anyone lol