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I have a confession to make. I have not read a whole book since New Years! It’s not that I don’t have the time, or energy. It’s that nothing out there has grabbed me. I start books and just get bored of them. They may be good but they just don’t have me rushing to get home to read them and eventually they get left on the floor and I just don’t care what happens next. Even my fave authors of all time arent doing it. I read about 4 of Lynsay Sands books at new years but that was because I was laying on the beach with no TV or other people to keep me amused so I had to read. Even her new books are sitting on the Kindle half read. More of the same im afraid and although I love her writing and characters still i just don’t really care what happens next. Even MaryJannice Davidson’s latest book I have to confess I didn’t finish. I read all of her others in quick succession but this one just didn’t do it for me.

ImageSo, I have several theories as to why this is. Either, now that im writing more I know the ‘formula’ and can predict what happens next so it just doesn’t have that thrill anymore, or, I am sick of the genres that I used to love. An I tired of paranormal romance. Of romance all together. I still love to write them but have I out read them? I tried to pick up a YA last week which is another genre I used to love, and I just found all of the story lines the same. Even the covers were the same! My all time fave author, Tamora Pierce, Imageis bringing out her next book some time late this year so i hope it doesn’t fall flat for me. Her books are my re reads when i have nothing else to read.

I have considered branching out to other genres. I tried Aussie outback, got halfway before it got repetitive. Tried Biography, again I got within a few chapters of the end and put it down. Dan Brown was always good for a mind bending journey, smart books I called them. unfortunately as far as i can see he isn’t working on anything new. I thought of SteamPunk but havent found one that looks good that isn’t the same as all the other books out there just with steam in it….I want to feel that rush again. Like with Harry Potter, I actually took sick days and stayed up until 3am to read them. And when i wasnt reading them i was thinking about them. Can I ever feel that thrill again?

Have you gone through this? What did you do to shake yourself out of it?