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Im interviewing my great friend and first ever Critique partner Danielle Lisle today. Her first book, Rose’s Bloom is released today and I cant be more excited (well perhaps if it was my book i would be more excited).  

1.      When did you get “The call”

ImageMy call came as somewhat of a shock to me – an odd thing to say from someone who ‘submitted’ the manuscript for publication in the first place… In truth, the first time I submitted was to the Harlequin Spice Brief line with THE ROSE’S BLOOM and received a lovely email telling me they were closing the line down. I welled in my disappointment for a day or two and then submitted the same manuscript to Ellora’s Cave. After not hearing anything for five months (an eternity to a hopeful writer), I submitted to Total-E-Bound . I expected another long and painful wait, but within two days, I had an offer winking at me in my emails. Total-E-Bound has since signed three more of my books.

2.      Are you a panster or a plotter

Defiantly not a plotter. I hate knowing the end to my stories, because if I do, I find them so much harder to write. If I’m kept guessing (along with my readers, I hope), then I become dragged along with the characters, glaring at them or cooing as they traverse the rocky path to their happy ever after.

It is for this reason I do not, and refuse to write a synopsis before I finish the book. I can’t know what happens, because if I do, why write the ending that I already know? It’s boring! Sure, I have a general idea, but I cannot know specifics. I know this is very different to other writers, but it’s how I role. J

3.      What is a normal writing day for you?

I don’t always write, but when I do it’s full on! I only write when I have persistent characters in my head that I need to journal the events of. Their struggles and triumphs and most importantly their love, are things that find their way onto the page. If they’re not at the forefront of my mind, I read instead of write.

But when I’m writing, I need to be locked away to do it – no distractions allowed! I close up my bedroom, draw the curtains and sit in absolute darkness, the only light coming from my laptop. It is then, I write. However, with a three year old and a hubby wishing to join me in bed, my writing is lucky to get 2-3 hours of attention a night.

4.      Any books in the works?

Yes! I am working on a new series at the moment now that my ROGUES OF DECEPTION series is completed. Currently I’m working on book two of the SCANDALS OF NOBILITY series that has also been signed with Total-E-Bound.

5.      How did you come up with the idea for The Rose’s Bloom?

My lovely host today, Jacinta Anderson, was actually part of the process. I had been aiming at the Harlequin Desire line, but Jacinta suggested I try my hand at Erotic Romance. I had just seen The Duchess on DVD and loved the dress and mannerisms of the time and thought, ‘I can write that!’ – so I did. Thus, THE ROSE’S BLOOM and its sequels were born.

6.      Worst and best advice you were ever given.

Best advice – write what’s in your heart, but don’t be afraid to take criticism. Listen, and change your works or you will never become published.

Becoming published is a business, and it is not personal, so you must separate yourself from it. People will rip apart you manuscripts, and you need to detach any emotional attachment from it. When I type ‘the end’, I am done and I no longer look it the characters in a personal way – they are now simply a way of paying for that kitchen renovation I crave so desperately. J


The allure of a woman pleasuring herself by a riverbank is too far a temptation for any man to witness, let alone this elusive lord, particularly when joining her would be so much sweeter.

Likened by her family to a carriage horse, Lady Claire knows gentlemen only consider her a possible match due to the rich dowry her father dangles in their faces. She had accepted this, until a mysterious man introduces her to a world of passion and pleasure.

Damon, a rich and most cantankerous lord, is not known for his sociable persona. While out hunting one day, he encounters a woman seeking fulfilment by the riverbank, her fingers getting her nowhere. He was a gentleman, after all, and it would be ill-mannered of him to allow her to go unaided. What red-blooded male wouldn’t assist a damsel in distress?


Danielle will be giving away a copy of THE ROSE’S BLOOM to one lucky commenter. Please check back next week to see if you are a winner!




Pick up your copy today!


Book 2 in the series, The Virgin at Goodrich Hall is set for release October 1st, 2012