In a few short weeks i will be living on my own. No housemates, no tenants, and no family. Im 27years old so can capably look after myself and am earning enough that i think i should still be able to eat and pay rent. Maybe. But the prospect that i am most looking forward to is decorating. Living with another person means that the common areas are neutral. ImageNo personal belongings, nothing that might get ruined and the blame finger pointed. And lets face it, even living with family you have to clean up after yourself. Im not a dirty person lets just get that straight. I love a clean bathroom and kitchen. No dirt, clean carpets too. ImageBut i also like to do things in my own time. I like to strip off in the lounge room when i get home and not have to put everything away until im relaxed. I usually have cleaning days, a day or a few hours where i will pick up clothes, do washing, clear and trash. Then back to a week of relaxing.

So what i want:

  1. Fabrics
  2. color
  3. comfort
  4. everything has its place
  5. scholarly

You see my issue with my unmatching style. You cant have color and scholarly. Doesnt work, scholarly is dark wood and leather.Image I want it to be comfortable, but not expensive (see paying rent alone). It also needs room for all my books and a place to write. I love the woodland look so i can scab some logs from my family farm for side tables. Maybe some mushroom lamps?Image