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So first i bet your asking why i didn’t get an iPad. Well, i have never owned nor have i used a Mac. It just didn’t seem like a good idea when all of my files are word based. My original idea for getting this tablet was so that i could edit on the go. For this, don’t get it. In fact don’t get any tablet for this purpose. The screen and keypad are far to small to see and type at the same time. It’s not practical. What it is great for from an authors perspective is networking. I work full time and we have a very harsh firewall which prevents me getting to most websites. This constricts my ‘author time’ to a few hours at home each night.


The tablet lets me check email, reply to emails, skype, Twitter, and check blogs. It also has a full range of procrastination aps such as Majong 🙂

With these capabilities I can manage the business side of my writing during the day and get down to actual words on paper at night. Things i have noticed are that you cant blog on it as for some reason the editing box gets all mucked up…perhaps someone can trouble shoot that for me. You cant open .rtf files either, although im sure i can find an ap for it, and for some unknown reason you can only get one cover to fit it. It’s black and boring and the prop up feature for the cover is upside down…yeah. Im hoping that this is just because its a new product and covers will emerge as it gets more popular?

Then we come to plug-ins. Gadgets if you will. Again there isn’t much out there besides the official Motorola website. You can get one wireless keyboard. That’s about it. You will also need to get a USB adapter as there is no USB port in the tablet. This has proven harder than i thought to find and i think it will come down to some dodgy Japanese IT website to source it. Even Telstra, who i bought it from, doesn’t stock supplies for it! The tablet comes with a HDMI and micro usb ports, the micro is for charging.   

It is also excellent for doing some reading via Kindle or other aps. Nice big clear screen. Also good for online shopping, for research of course lol  

So, my overall view, about 3.5 stars.

Lost points for no gadgets or covers and for its non capability with some well used websites (such as this one). Good points are that it is easy to use and has one click ap purchasing. Fast, basic, and does the job. Its back to my ailing laptop to edit though (the ? and S buttons are already worn out after 2 years of me bashing the keyboard, poor thing).