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She rested her chin on his collarbone to look over his shoulder. Her presence caused the fire in his belly to rise as the scent of sawdust and Chinese food drifted from her body. A smell he had come to associate with her and one that never failed to pull from his mind the memories of those long nights together.

“Looks more substantial than your love note,” she taunted.

The last scrap of papyrus he found had all the curators excited, until they realised it was a fake, left there by grave robbers, hundreds of years ago.

“Come on, I know it gets you all hot and bothered.” His chest rumbled with silent laughter as she smacked his shoulder lightly and moved back to her stool. He moved with her and spun her chair to face him. A flush rose from the small V of skin showing above her breasts as he pressed his lips to the corner of her full Cupid’s bow mouth.

“You know, we are probably the last two people in the building.” He drew her more firmly to his body, emboldened when she didn’t try to pull away from him.

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