Have you ever  gone to a website and been underwhelmed? A fave author has, well, a plain site. Links all over the place, text scattered. Its a mess. Does this make me like her less, not at all. Does make me wonder though, an author of over 40books, over 30years, and she didn’t have time to hire someone to fix her site? 


On the same page we have over crafted sites. Flashy, gimmics, lights, the whole sha bang. Over kill if you will. So, what makes a good site vs a bad site.

1. No music, please. Not only is it bad if you are looking at a page at work but annoying when it starts again, over and over as you change pages.

2. Do not put white text on a black page (i am aware that my site does this but im careful with it 😛 ) It makes it hard to read and gives your eyes sunspots when you look away.

3. Do not over crowd the main page. Keep it simple, one image, one paragraph. Your current news if you will.

4. Do, spend money to make it look professional. If a highschool student could make it in their lunch break, possibly not professional enough. If you don’t know how to make a page or only have a basic understanding, hire someone. 

5. Do, keep it relevant. Don’t put a bunch of ads on it or Advertise your kids highschool fate. Keep it writing based. 

6. Update it often. If people see the same content every time they look they will stop looking. 

7. Contests! People want a reason to spend time on your page.

8. Exclusive content. Give them something they cant get anywhere else. Excerpts, character bios. 

9. And dont forget, not all press is good press. Make sure you dont say anything you may need to unsay.