I do love a good cover. I’ll be the first one to admit to buying books for their cover and if you say you dont then you are lying in my opinion. Imagine if all books had blank covers, why would you pick one over the other? I make my own covers these days. My first few were done by a cover artist but she retired to concentrate on her writing so i thought, hey, i can do that. Image

This is my newest, isnt it pritty. My mother loved it, they have their clothes on! Mostly my covers consist of a vague idea in my mind then i go trawling for images. I pick a few that might work as backups. But this one, i found 3 that i liked but didnt really work for this story, then found this and went, yep, thats the one. A few photoshop tweaks and it was done. (there were a few items in the pic that just didnt work for this story theme).

I have never had a publisher make a cover for me as im only self published at this point. But i hear its quite the gamble. You submit what you want and a cover comes back. Very rarely will you get a re do, what you see is what you get. It cost your publisher allot to get make it and one cover isnt worth re doing unless there is something majorly wrong with it. Having said that some publishers i have heard will take author input on board. I had a friend who hated! her cover. Her thoughts were so strong that they agreed to change it as they feared readers would have the same reaction. Another friend thought her hero had a lazy eye (lol) so they used a different image from the same photoshoot where he didnt look so odd, compromise 🙂  I have had other times when I loved a cover but hated the book. Those marketing people deserve a raise for getting that cover so pritty on a book that was kinda blah. Would have pushed sales right up. I have had fans of my work say that they only bought it for the cover (thankfully they also liked the content).

My new book, Egyptian Secrets, will hit the e-shelves some time next month, and guess what, its FREE. stay tuned!