Now im not one to diss a book before i read it. Im also not one to jump on a bandwagon. Do you know what im talking about? A certain book about a grey vampire. So, this is classed as an erotic novel. From what i have heard from friends in the erotic writing world, this book is well, Vanilla. Its very light on. Sure its building the hype for other erotics but they may be in for a shock lol. So, i havent read the book because friends have said its a good story but not the best writing. Not really fast paced, it lacks that punch.

But today i thought, ok, ill give it a go. I picked it up off the shelf, read the back, and put it back on the shelf and left the store.

Let me tell you why.

I like a blurb to grab me, i want to wonder what will happen next, get a sense of excitement. This one had none of that. A bit of background on it. Its actually a Twilight fanfic that was self published then pucked up by a publisher when it went viral online. So, i actually suspect the author may have written the blurb before the publisher got to them. Its, well, boring. Basically, girl met boy, thought he was cute, warned to stay away, but they got together anyway…in words just that plain. For an erotic novel you really have to give the reader that sense of excitement, i honestly thought my 10year old self could have done better.

I wont post the exact blurb here because i might be 50 shades of sued, but go and have a look, see what you think. Would you want to read it based on that blurb? Have you had any other examples of great books that let you down?