ok, so im not a hippy or particularly green thumbed. but there is something about making it yourself that really appeals to me. Some friends and i used to make christmas presents for each other, mostly to save on cost but they were some of the best gifts i have recieved.Image

I made my own bread and lemon marmalade today. it tasted great! Suprised…maybe a little lol My style of craft is to make it and see what happens. Im not much for recipes or patterns but will occasionally double check google if i get stuck. Then i went to the grocery sore and you know what? All that food just didnt look as appealing as my home made stuff. I had no idea what was in it, where was the love? i might add that the reason i made lemon marmalade was because my mans lemon tree was stocked to the brim and they dont know what to do with them. But i have also been reading a blog called http://www.innerpickle.com.au this family not only makes or grows their own food but they arnt hippies, normal family, loves chocolate, cant live without toilet paper and airconditioning, yet droped their office careers for the heath of their children ( who reacted o the aditives in food) and moved to the country. And i tell you, it really looks like the good life, even when ghe fox gets a hen and you have to chase it across a paddock with a baby on your back (the hen was saved!). My grandfather  is a 5th o 6th generation sheep farmer and i still love going down to his farm and getting country. I dont care if i step in sheep poo (much) and there is no reception so no phone and no facebook. Sounds like bliss doesnt it :