Yes folks if you want to be a writer you must be rejected, again, and again, and again. Believe me when i say that even when you are published, you will be rejected. Take my latest rejection, it was very nice. I am used to getting the form rejection, Thanks but no thanks. This one was a resub and i am still in their Author development program so not a total loss. They told me not only what was wrong with my MS, but what was right with it. This helped ease the gut renching pain of being rejected. But didnt take the sting away completley ūüôā

You have to remember that just because one publisher didnt like it doesnt mean another wont either. Sometimes the style isnt right for the line,  not enough heat, too much heat. It could be too short, wrong theme, or their publication list may be full. I have had them all and i can tell you now that i expect to have many more in the future. Of course everytime i hear that someone has just sold their first book i boil in rage, why them and not me! but then i calm down and think that one day that will be me and someone will be thinking the same thing to themselves whilst deleting their own rejection email.

So, whats the best rejection you ever recieved?