Bit of a fun post today because im in a cooking mood. You know the saying, never go shopping when you are hungery, well, never blog when your hungry either! So these are some of my fave cost saving recipes at the moment. Image

Tuna Bake $7 serves 6-8

1.Jar of tuna bake sauce $4 (Spinach and garlic is my fave)

2.Bag of pasta (i like swirls because they hold the sauce better, more people = more pasta) $0.99

3. 500g Can of tuna in spring water $2


Cook pasta in salted water. Mix everything together in a large baking dish. Top with cheese if your budget stretches that far. Bake in medium oven for about 20mins or until browning on the sides and top. 

College student pasta $3-$10 (Depending on if you add meat) Serves 3-4

1. Bag of spagetti pasta (again, more people = add more spagetti) $1

2. Can of cream of chicken (or mushroom) soup $1

3. What ever frozen veg you have and what ever meat you have (i like left over roast chicken or ham)


Cook spagetti in salted water. Combine all ingredients in a baking dish and top with cheese if your budget allows. Cook in medium oven until slightly browned on top and sides, about 20mins. 

Burgers $10-$20 depending on what you have at home, serves 4 –

This recipe is a combination of my fave burger shop and Heston Blumenthal’s: Heston at home guide.

1.500g Beef Mince $4-8

2. Flat bread rolls (i prefer flat ones because you can get your mouth around them.) $5

3. Aeoli (creamy sauce in a jar in the sauce isle) $4

4. Tomato Relish $3

5. Cheese slices $5

6. Lettice $2


Lightly salt the mince and divide into 4 large patties (flatten them until they are the same size as the bun). Cook on high heat in a fry pan (i prefer no oil), about 5mins then flip and top with cheese slice. Cook until cooked through then leave to rest for a few mins. Cut and lightly toast rolls then spread one side with each aeoli and tomato relish (i find more is better). Add meat patty and lettuce.  


I love to keep all of these ingredients in the cupboard as they keep a really long time and are great for those few days before payday when the budget is tight. I will often eat the tuna bake for lunch and dinner for a week when things are tight much to the amusement of my brother 😛