By this i mean things that you often do in a MS without realising it. I usually find these by re reading a MS that i havent picked up for a while. Although the story is still great i am usually horrified by my writing. Crit partners are also great at pointing these out. “Did you know you have talked about her hair three times in this paragraph” or “You use the word, gaze 2000 times in this 5k manuscript” lol so im exaggerating but you get the gist. I assume this comes down to two things. One, im getting better at my writing and editing to be able to pick these errors up. And two, i have left the MS long enough to read it with fresh eyes. So, a few of my current pet peeves:

1. Had, yet, but, and.

2. I apparently used to reallly like long sentences (like a whole paragraph as one sentence)

3. I had very little emotion

4. Distancing, i say “they did” instead of taking them with me. So, We watched the sunset, should be, the sun set with a blast of color.

5. She said, he said.

6. Head hopping

7. his gaze, her gaze (my characters do a lot of looking apparently)

Thanks to some great teachers i can now see and edit these things. One im still working on however is ‘ing’ words. Havent quite worked out how to get them out of my MS yet. But that will come with time i guess 🙂 For now i just cringe every time i use one but can’t think how to not use it!